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Trevor Rowson Wildlife & Heritage Park - Page 2

T Rowson Park May 2012 (1)

A car parking area has been completed at the main entrance to the Park and Interpretation Panels erected.

A new entrance has been built at the southern end of the Park, and a new path from the entrance has been partly built.

All the work can be seen in the photo gallery below.

Trevor Rowson Park




Farm Road

There is a road leading Parking Area near to the Interpretation

Posts (P1) and a small parking are on Farm Road (P2)


 May 2012 - Development work carried out at  Trevor Rowson Park.

The following text can be found on the Interpretation Posts


About Trevor Rowson

About 150 years ago there was a GWR station here connecting to Newport as well as spoil heaps and ironmasters mansions.

The park was founded in memory of Trevor Rowson, a well-known local historian.

Trevor left school at 14 and went down the pit, employed as a miner, rigger and then welder. He also worked in the Tin Works at Abertillery.

On retiring he started lecturing about local history and archaeology, becoming the history advisor to most of the area’s schools.

Local heritage

This park partly covers the site of Hafod y Ddôl School.  Before becoming a school in the 1920s, Hafod y Ddôl was a mansion – the home of the Webb family who owned a large brewery in Aberbeeg.

Nearby lived Fothergill Rowlands – the son of Dr. Abraham Rowlands who was the works doctor at the Nantyglo Ironworks. In Victorian times, Fothergill Rowlands was a famous gentleman jockey and horse trainer. In 1845, he won a famous steeplechase near Monmouth and trained horses for the Duke of Hamilton and Lord Stamford.

On the other side of the main road from the park are the remains of Ty Mawr – the splendid mansion built by Jospeh Bailey, the Nantyglo Ironmaster, in 1816.  The house was surrounded by large gardens, complete with avenues of trees and a mountain stream.  A stone bridge crossed this stream, carrying a coach road from the lodge houses to the mansion through a tree-lined avenue.  The mansion was built on raised ground, to give the occupants a panoramic view of the valley to the south, whilst being sheltered from the sights of the works to the north.  At the front of the house was a veranda supported by six iron pillars cast at the works. Behind the house are Nantyglo Round Towers 1816-22, the last castle built in Britain. A fortified agricultural range to house the pit ponies doubling as an ironmasters refuge from disgruntled workers.

Willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus)

This bird has a lovely, melodic, rippling song, which can be heard from areas of woodland and shrubs.

The willow warbler may migrate up to 12,000 kilometres (7456 miles) to reach its wintering range in Africa.

Migration occurs mainly during the night, during which the willow warbler will cover around 100 kilometres (62 miles).

Birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)

This is a common plant found in the surrounding grassland, and is an important food source for a number of butterflies and moths.

 It is known as Bird’s-foot-trefoil as after it has flowered it produces seedpods arranged in a ‘bird’s foot’ shape and trefoil because three of the five leaflets are held high above the rest.

Many people know this flower as ‘bacon and eggs’ due to the vibrant red, yellow and orange colour of the flowers as they open.

Southern marsh orchid (Dactylorhiza praetermissa)

This eye-catching flower can be seen in marshy grassland and typically grows to between 30 to 50 cm in height although taller specimens up to 70 cm can occur.

They are sturdy, erect plants that stand singly or in small groups amongst sometimes dense, coarse wetland vegetation. Their flowers, which are varying shades of pink, can be seen from late spring through to summer.




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