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The Hafod Arch (Clydach Railroad)

In the Clydach Gorge on the right hand side of the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road as you approach the Brynmawr Roundabout is a section of an early and important tramroad, including an impressive causeway section with a stone bridge – the Hafod Arch. This site provides an important gateway into the Valleys with specific connections to the World Heritage Site and Forgotten Landscapes at Blaenafon and the Ebbw Fach trail.

Hafod Arch Hafod_Arch_Clydach_Gorge

 The photographs below were taken in the gorge, and at the bottom of the gorge - the remains of the Clydach Ironworks the picnic area.

Two views of the Hafod Arch before preservation work.

To find out more about the history of the Hafod Arch and the Clydach Railroad, please 

visit the Heritage page of the B.G.C.B.C website by clicking on the adjacent button.

Hafod Arch & Clydach Railroad

Preservation Work.

 Work is in progress  to preserve Hafod Arch as a heritage feature and an access route. One kilometre of access improvements will be made,linking to the Ebbw Fach Trail and Blaenafon World Heritage Site.

The bridge works consist of the removal of vegetation, the cleaning down of stonework, rebuilding stonework where defective or missing, and the pointing and/or repointing of stonework to Hafod Arch, Brynmawr. 

The works will be complemented by improved and enhanced access routes, installation of fencing on approaching routes, and vegetation clearance.   

Interpretation signage relating to the historic nature of the site, in keeping with the Forgotten Landscapes Project will also be erected.


Detailed instructions on how to get to the Hafod Arch, and photographs of the preservation work, can be found on the following page - Please click on the button below.

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