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In 2015 with the encouragement of Ground Works who organised some events at Ebbw Vale that different organisations attended and submitted their ideas for their communities.  BAG’s idea was adopted by Play Wales and they drew some plans with ideas as to what we could do with the old park in Brynithel.

The fence alongside the road through Brynithel was in very bad repair and so with a small grant and the help of Keep Wales Tidy led by Sally Morgan and her colleagues, the fence was replaced.

This area was completely overgrown and the old path couldn’t be seen, there is a kissing gate at the end of this path which joins the road up to Penrhiw Estate.

Brynithel Activities Group applied for a grant from Tesco with the help of Ground Works.  We were awarded a grant of £8,000 last year, which has now been spent on replacing the old path through the old park in Brynithel.  

We could do this because we didn’t need planning permission for this part of the project.

Gareth and his team from G & M Enterprises have done an excellent job in replacing the paths and opening up part of the park that some of us didn’t realise existed.                    They certainly went over and above their remit.  Terry Buffin, one of our members has worked alongside Gareth and his team and kept them supplied with cups of tea etc.

Terry Buffin and Louis Challenger members of the BAG group have been working with Sally Morgan         (Keep Wales Tidy) together with John Hillier who brought a group of lads from Ty Ebbw Fawr Learning Centre to the old park to do some clearing up of the overgrown ground.  They worked so hard and did an amazing job.  These young people have visited the site twice in the last month and have been a great encouragement to us, thanks to the Headteacher for allowing John Hillier to bring them along, and thank you to the boys for all your hard work.

Saturday the 8th, some of the men in our Community came together and made up some wooden planters, they made a really good job of it and on Thursday the children from Kidz Klub did the planting

We are at present in the process of getting plans drawn, Gareth Spracklen is being very supportive and helping us with this,  once they are completed they will be submitted to the Council so that we can carry on developing the old park.  We obviously need to be looking for grants and Caroline Matthews who works for Blaenau Gwent is being very helpful in looking for possible sources where we can apply.


We would like to thank the Community of Brynithel in supporting all our activities and helping us financially.

Brynithel Community Open Space - Space Saviours Natural Play Project - Text & Photos supplied by Mrs May Sweet of B.A.G

To view full details of the plan in a PDF file, please click HERE


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