The Ebbw Fach Trail


"A walk from our industrial past -  

 To our environmentally friendly future."

Cwm lake June 2011  04

Biodiversity - Waterfowl & birds

The area is rich in biodiversity and seven  of the sites –Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands, Parc Nant Y Waun, Parc Trevor Rowson, Cwmcelyn Pond &Woodlands,

Roseheyworth Woodlands,Cwmtillery Lakes and Six Bells have  been identified as local nature reserves.

 The mosaic of habitats such as acid grasslands, hay meadows, wet mire heath, swamp and open water contains a huge diversity of plant life ranging from the Heath Spotted and Southern Marsh Orchids to Blue and white Bells, Scabious, Primroses, Lady’s Smock,Birds Foot Trefoil and Teasel.

Many species of birds can be seen in the valleys such as Buzzards,Kestrel and Sparrow Hawks, Barn Tawny and Little Owls and Skylark, along with Nocule and Pipsistrelle Bats in Summer.

 Ponds, lakes and ditches also support frogs, toads, and newts.

 Rabbits,hedgehogs,Pygmy & Common shrews, Short tailed voles, Wood Mice and squirrels also inhabit the valley.

The photographs displayed below were taken by members and visitors at Beaufort Hill Woodlands, Parc Nant-y-Waun and Lakeside - Please click on each image to enlarge.

All the photographs shown above, are from just three of the Fourteen Green Spaces.

If anyone has any photographs that we could use, please Email them to us, by using the icon to the right.

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